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What’s all the fuss about meditation?


So, you’ve heard about this thing called meditation, but think it’s some hippy thing and not for you?

Think again, mediation is for everyone! Why meditate?

Mediation is fantastic for our mind, body and soul. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Meditation is great for stress management, to keep us focused on looking after ourselves and let’s face it we are all guilty at some time or another of getting caught up in the day to day rush and putting our needs last. We run from one important issue to the next, but never really focus on what our body is saying to us, and this is when we can get sick.

    It may be in the form of a headache or a cold, or perhaps it will be more serious such as cancer or heart problems. Stress related illnesses such as these could be prevented or managed more easily when we meditate.

  • Meditating helps us to reconnect with ourselves and to live a happier and healthier life. When we live a stress free life, we really enjoy the simple things more and cope with the day-to-day challenges more easily.
  •  Meditation can help us manage our emotions. Think road rage here. Imagine that we had coping mechanisms to deal with anger in our society. Well we do and we can. Learn to meditate and we learn to respond to anger differently, it no longer has the same effect on us. Helps us to react to someone else’s emotions in a neutral way.
  •  Help lower blood pressure. Yes, meditation can lower our blood pressure. We should all try this before we pop those pills.
  •  Meditation is often used for pain relief. From headaches to cancer pain. Cancer clinics and groups all know the benefit that can be gained from meditating when undergoing cancer treatment. It helps with pain relief, gives a sense of hope, and helps us reconnect to our true self and what’s really important in life and much, much more.
  •  Meditation helps to increase our sense of clarity and awareness both within us and from our surroundings. By practicing mindfulness meditation in particular we gain clarity. We focus on one thing at a time, nothing else matters. We become aware!!
  • By practicing meditation regularly, we can increase our spiritual growth.
  • And so much more…

    Sound interesting?

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