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Reflexology is the practice of massaging feet or hands to induce a state of deep relaxation.

For thousands of years this therapy has been used to promote well being. Reflexology increases blood flow through the body, stimulates energy flow and can improve total body function.

It works to relax and rebalance the body through a series of specific moves which cover the entire foot, hand and/or ears.

Every part of the human body is represented on the feet. It is often found that the part of the foot that is tender has a corresponding ailment in the body part that it represents.

Clinical reflexology involves taking a full medical history so that we can better design a treatment to address any pains or issues that you may be feeling. It is generally recommended to have 6 treatments on a weekly basis to feel the full impact.

For more information on Reflexology please message me on 0400 236 915.

Reflexology Packages available

  • 30 minutes of Emotional Bliss                                            $ 50
  • 60 minutes of Clinical Reflexology                                     $ 85
  • 90 minutes of Clinical Reflexology                                     $125