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I’ve got a headache

I’m a headache person. I often have headaches and I hate them. It’s really quite common and finding people who don’t suffer at least occasionally is rare.

So, why do we get headaches? Lots of reasons…. My headaches come from sinus, my neck and hormonal fluctuations and sometimes stress and lack of sleep. If you’ve ever been in a car accident then chances are you may get headaches too. Maybe you’re dehydrated? The list  of reasons goes on forever. Oh and migraines are totally debilitating.How do we know what type of headache we have and what we can do about it.

The first clue in deciding the type of headache you have is ask yourself where is the pain.

If your headache is a general all over dull pain then you may be dehydrated. If it’s across your forehead it could be sinus, stress, lack of sleep or may have eye strain.

If you have excruciating pain on one side of your head you may have a migraine. If your pain is in your shoulders, neck and back of your head your pain may be related to your neck and back.

The first thing I always do when I have a headache is drink more water. Sometimes this helps and sometimes not. The next step for me is to rest, make sure that I’m comfortable and that the temperature is just right. If I’m too hot or too cold then my headache is just not going to go away. If none of the above helps, I try some Bowen and Reflexology on myself. I work on my neck, jaw, sinuses and again drink more water.

Most times this works and if it doesn’t I reach for essential oils to help relax me. Normally because by now I’m sick of the headache and need help to calm my emotions.

And if that doesn’t work? I book to see a friend who can help me with more Bowen, more Reflexology and and as a last resort some pain relief.

Don’t put up with headaches, there’s so much you can do yourself and I’m always only a phone call away if you need me.