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Don’t like your feet being touched?

Image of feet being treated by reflexolgy

Whenever I chat about Reflexology, there’s always at least a few people that shudder as they think about someone touching their feet. And yes, it’s our feet that we think about when we talk about Reflexology…. But reflex points are also found on our hands and ears. I love receiving Reflexology on my hands and feet but I’m not so keen about someone touching my ears, other people fall asleep while receiving ear Reflexology. We are all so individual and so is your Reflexology session. The same benefits can be achieved whether we receive the treatment on our feet, hands or ears or perhaps and combination of all of them.

So let’s talk about what a Reflexology session looks like. To start, you will be asked to fill in a form with your details and any health concerns you may have.This is emailed to you when you make the appointment and it can really help to save time during your session if you complete it and send it back to me beforehand.
Next, if you are having foot reflexology, you will be treated to a foot spa with essential oils if appropriate. If you are having hand reflexology we will soak your hands in a tub.

Once you are on the massage table and are comfortable, I will begin the session. Every session looks and feels different as we will focus on different reflex points. There are moves to relax your feet/hands as well as moves that pinpoint certain parts of the body to help stimulate the energy flowing to the body. Both foot reflexology and hand reflexology sessions finish with heated towels.

A foot reflexology session takes about an hour, hand reflexology will only take 15-30 minutes and ear reflexology is shorter at about 15 minutes. You can choose which combination of Reflexology that you like and I often have specials at Christmas and Mothers and Father’s Day. These specials can be found on Facebook and Instagram. Just chat to me about what you are hoping to achieve and we can fine tune a session that’s perfect for you.
Weekly sessions are recommended if there’s a complex health concern that you’d like to address and may take 6 sessions to see permanent improvement. As always, if you have any questions, please contact me to discuss.

Looking forward to seeing your feet, hands and ears soon.