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Aromatherapy and Reflexology – my journey

I have always envisioned that I would add extra modalities to what I could offer clients. We are all individuals and therefore we like different things, it stands to reason. The form that this "extra" modality would take has in fact been a few years in the making. I  have thought about Kinesiology, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Energetic Healing and briefly a few others. There is so much to learn about natural healing, the options are nearly limitless in number. I have friends and colleagues who add "extras" and I simply could not decide from the vast options. So, after a very stressful and traumatic year in 2016,  I decided that 2017 was the year for me to "expand" my horizons and to further embrace life with both hands.

It really came about, when a friend posted on facebook about hosting a class for do TERRA essential oils. I have always loved essential oils but apart from Lavender and a few others, my knowledge was limited. The class was great, only myself and another friend, but it gave me the opportunity to ask more questions, to really feel how the idea of using essential oils sat with me. And, I love them! Wow, imagine being able to incorporate essential oils with Reflexology - it seems like a great partnership.

So, this year I embarked on a journey of discovery and learning.

Reflexology I feel is really a bit like Bowen Therapy but for feet, the moves, so far, feel familiar to my hands. The way I lose myself in the caring for others. To analyse and respond to the needs of my clients. Of course, it is only early in the year but the practice I've had on friends for reflexology has had positive responses.

The Aromatherapy, I'm finding a little more challenging. There is so much to learn, about the oils, the safety and blending on them and of course the contraindications to ensure everyone is safe while enjoying the benefits.  I did think that doing some subjects online for Aromatherapy would be easy to manage. I am enjoying it immensely but the volume of work, while necessary can be time consuming, I mean I need to be able to sit at the computer for long periods of time. I find my 3 1/2 hours of train travel to Reflexology is a great time to study. I manage to get a fair bit done and of course, I try to remind myself as I tell my clients, be kind to yourself and just breathe.

I love learning new things, challenging myself to be the best that I can be, and to be able to offer to you the healing benefits of Reflexology and Aromatherapy is absolutely fantastic!

I look forward to an exciting and rewarding 2017.

Amanda x